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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twitter Promoted Trending Topics

Not that anyone asked me, but I like this new ad model being used by Twitter:  promoted trending topics that lead to the conversation led be a promoted tweet.   It's mostly user driven - that is, you have to look at trending topics, and then click through to see the promoted tweet.  You've already registered your interest, so at that point, you don't mind seeing the ad.

The challenge here is that I think this works really well for top, known, brands, less well for the long tail advertisers, but that's okay.

They need to keep this as a facility for premium brands - there's enough to go around to prove this out.

I could easily see Twitter creating a dashboard for top brands that display organic trending topics and give them a chance to get in the game with a large buy.

If you ran the spend for Disney and got an alert that said "Toy Story 3 is a trending topic - promote this now" - you can easily see how that can build upon these non-organic (promoted) trending topics.

This also needs to be added to the Twitter API so all clients can display these.  The question is, will those clients want a cut to display promoted tweets?
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