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These bios are usually written in the third person.    If I were a world famous wide receiver, I might say "Steve started his career at Andersen Consulting in the 90's" but as it is, I did that.

Through various misadventures I ended up at startup in Chicago called Digital Knowledge Assets with three other chaps, @dickc, @elunt, and @shobe, with whom I would start two more companies.

The first was a company called (no forwarding web site), a consumer alerts company that sold to 724 Solutions, Inc. in 1997.

Most recently I co-founded, and sold that to Google.  After spending a couple years integrating FeedBurner into the Google Display Network, Google AdSense, and Google Apps - I joined the Mobile Ads team where I worked on Mobile Display monetization for apps and social content distribution for publishers.

I left Google in 2011, and while I am incubating a couple projects of my own, I am helping a number of startups such as Groovebug get to the next level by teaching them what I have learned as an advisor.

I am also an advisor to the in-class startup incubator NUvention Web at Northwestern University.

I've done some small angel investments such as ThingLabs, makers of Brizzly, which recently sold to Aol, and Summify, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012.

This blog got started in between leaving 724 Solutions in 2003 and starting FeedBurner in 2004. I used to write mostly reviews of wireless devices and music, but I'm pretty sure all that content is long gone.

Currently, I am working on Blinkfire Analytics, a platform delivering social media intelligence for professional sports teams. You can read more about it on the Blinkfire Analytics Blog.

Recently, I got to comment on Dick Costolo for CNN International.

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more at My Google Profile


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