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This page will constantly be updated with the gadgets and products I like to use daily.


Sony NEX-6

Really the best combination of being light enough to carry around anywhere, and good enough to take awesome pictures with interchangable lenses anywhere.

Sony Nex a7

Just a powerhouse camera that can still use Sony E-Mount lenses.
  • World's lightest interchangeable lens full-frame camera
  • Full Frame 24.3 MP resolution with 14-bit RAW recording
  • Fast Hybrid AF with phase-detection for DSLR-like speed


Sennheiser HD 650

Generally what I use at my desk all day while listening to music. Even plugged straight into my mac, the still sound awesome. They are open back, so you can still hear whats going on in the room, while hearing every detail as your music was meant to be heard.
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