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Monday, August 30, 2010

Safe Haven Sites in the Tenderloin

The walk from the Union Square hotels in San Francisco to the Google shuttle stop at 8th and market is straight through the Tenderloin.   At 7 in the morning, while I have just gotten up, most of the action on that walk is on their way to bed.  It's a walk of being accosted by drug dealers, addicts, and worse.  It's not usual to see people laying on the street shooting up or smoking a crack pipe.  It's a little piece of Hell in what is otherwise my favorite city in the U.S.

So while looking at a map of San Francisco I saw this related map someone had made of Safe Havens in the Tenderloin.  However, it says they are for kids, elderly, and the disabled, not just a guy who grew up in a rural suburb in Illinois.  I guess I'll just keep walking fast.

View Safe Haven Sites, The Tenderloin in a larger map
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