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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sony and AdWords Remarketing Really Want me to Buy a Nex-5N

A few days ago I did a search for the "Sony Nex-5N" camera, and most likely clicked on the promoted (when ads move from the right column to the top, they are called "promoted") text ad that Sony is running on Google search.   This took me to Sony's site on the Sony NEX line, as expected.

I didn't buy the camera from them, but they sure want me to.   In fact, whenever I go to any site that has a block of Google AdSense text ads, there's an ad for the Nex-5.  Here's four examples from sites you probably recognize.

from PCMag

from LA Times

from Chicago Tribune

from CNET

Spooky?  no.   Is Sony reading my mind?  Invading my privacy?  no.

This is Google AdWords remarketing at work. And it's working beautifully.  It's like my own private reminder that I want to buy this camera as I browse the web all day long.  It's stuff like this that is making Google's Display business $5 Billion per year.  From the AdWords help:

Next, a small piece of code called a remarketing tag is embedded on your homepage, for example. This code tells AdWords to save visitors to your "Homepage List." When people visit your homepage, their cookie ID is added to the remarketing list. Once the remarketing tag is in place you can create an AdWords campaign that targets messages only to people on your "Homepage List" while they browse the Web. Your remarketing messages won't be shown to people who aren't on the list.
The remarketing tag can be embedded on any page within your website, not just the homepage, so you can develop more detailed audiences. For each remarketing list that you want to create, embed a different tag. If you want to create a "Homepage Visitor" list and a "Completed Conversion" list, you need two separate tags -- one to go on the homepage, and one to go on the conversion page. Learn more about remarketing and users' cookies.
There's a balance between creating very detailed and broader remarketing lists. While detailed lists allow you to further target your message, you'll get the most scale and volume with broader lists. Read more on strategies for your remarketing lists, and learn how to tailor your creatives to these lists.

I'll let you know how the camera is.

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