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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the Art of

Most Chicagoans who travel have a love-hate relationship with United Airlines. If you want to go anywhere, you pretty much have to pick United or American, and American is a little too "Red State" for my tastes. Last time I few American, I sat between someone reading "Ammunition Magazine" on one side and retired war hawk who spoke like the boot camp sergeant in "Full Metal Jacket" on the other. Never again. At least until they have wi-fi on the flight.

At any rate, one thing I like about United is the illustrations on their website (a website on which I spend a considerable amount of time, unfortunately). The friggin' creep me out, and they're great!

Here's a few examples:

It isn't quite as creepy out of the context of the website, but they remind me a bit of the art in the movie The Wall and others of bastardized Renaissance paintings.

It turns out a lot of it is created by some of the New Yorker illustrators such as Charles E. Martin although some of the articles that talked about this were a bit dated, so I'm not sure that's still accurate.
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