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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Real life Viva Piñata

Last week we noticed a rabbit's foot and rabbit ears in our yard (with none of the rest of the rabbit). A day later, a bird beak, and bird feed. Yes, something was up...chupacabra?

Nope. Turns out we had a mother and baby red tailed hawk roosting in our tree. The mother was teaching the baby how to hunt and eat. She would prey on a hapless rabbit in the yard, bring it up into the walnut tree, and show the baby how to tear it apart.

Now, it seems the mother has gone, and left the keys to the mansion with the baby. This picture was taken today right after the baby (which is getting bigger every day) had killed a smaller bird, and was picking it apart on the branch above us. When it was done, the feet fell to the ground and the baby hawk moved on to another tree.

Pretty cool to see the food chain in action right there in your backyard.
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