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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I like that facebook is eliminating features

There are always reasons for changes like this that you don't see behind the scenes, but this letter from Mark Zuckerberg where he re-announces that they are adding more privacy controls at the post level and killing regional networks at least shows one thing: Facebook is being smart about killing things that don't work or won't scale.

I see too many products continue to support features that don't make sense just because they have millions of users, when in many cases the right thing to do is deprecate the feature as soon as you realize the feature is of little value to the long term strategy of the business.

This is always tough, because you have to balance between doing what a large number of users want versus executing on the goals of the business - and deprecating features are usually met with internal friction at companies where people have put a lot of time and effort into adding the feature to begin with. But Facebook has never been shy about making decisions like this and the moment we see them not deprecate features like this is the marker virus for the company getting too big.
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