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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cutbacks: VeriSign ends quest to obscure corporate mission

Cutbacks: VeriSign ends quest to obscure corporate mission

Jeez, what? you can't build a business on mobile banking? Verisign has made pretty much every mistake that one of my previous employers acquirers 724 Solutions did.

Mistake 1. Assuming you could build a business off mobile banking. never let banks be your clients. ever. ever. Trust me. don't even think about it.

Mistake 2. Thinking you can build a business off a mobile architecture. Architectures and middleware are commodities and/or open source candidates.

Verisign thought they could do that even though all others failed.

Don't get me wrong - mobile is super important and there is still a ton of upside, but only in the context of applications that have a wider throw. If you can do it with with a small cost structure and provide a killer service than it works ( e.g. i like russ' mowser for these reasons, though he probably needs to expand beyond a one-man-band).

But man, I see verisign and think...suckers!
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