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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trying out Blogger's new insert YouTube feature...

I thought I'd try out Blogger's new insert YouTube feature announced today and at the same time show off some of the cool features of what AdMob can do on the latest Android handsets.  Enjoy.

Kudos to the Blogger team, who spent a few years creating plumbing so they can now add features very quickly.  All that under-the-covers work has really paid off for them.

It's probably one of the tougher things to pull off - transforming a product from being semi-popular to working at really large scales - because you constantly have to defer some "features" while this infrastructure work is going on.   Users don't see the benefits while you are remodeling.

The Blogger team, which includes a large set of both former and current team members, has done a great job of this.   As a user, I've totally forgotten some of the clunkiness that used to exist in this product.

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