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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

QR Codes Redux

I've always liked QR Codes.   I think I wrote about them four years ago when I first went to Japan, as I saw them on pretty much every print publication instead of   That's because QR Code reader applications were already on most mobile phones in Japan.  If on the train, you'd snap a picture of the QR code for and you were browsing there on your Docomo browser within seconds.  It's no secret that typing on a phone sucks, but has gotten better with iPhones and Blackberries and their ilk - however, typing Japanese with 3 different alphabets was even worse, which is probably why this was popular there so early.

These are just starting to catch on today in North America.  There's a QR Code on the back of all of the Nexus One gift phones we were given as our holiday bonus at Google (goes to

I'm still surprised these aren't used more but it all comes down to having useful applications that process QR Codes.  They aren't in-built on our phones yet or the apps yet, but you can get a free standalone QR Code reader pretty easily from the App Store on the iPhone or Marketplace on Android.

Currently I'm using i-nigma on the iPhone and Barcode Scanner on Android, but I'm gonna start inspecting QR codes a lot more whenever I see them to see how people are using them.

QR Codes are one of those things you will have never noticed before but will start to see all over now that I've mentioned it.

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